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Yoshina Hon Kuzu

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100% Pure Japanese Arrow Root starch


180 gram


Silky Smooth Neutral


Snow White


Shelf Stable, See Best By Date – Refrigerate After Opening



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Miola – Ohtsuka Rice Improver (Kelp & Vinegar)

Miola Rice Improver Red/Gold Can is an enzymatic additive that makes rice more flavorful, adds volume and polish. This version has added kelp and vinegar powder which is often the preferred style by many chefs. Miola Rice Improver is not effected by cooking or re-cooking or chilling. An essential additive to create perfect sushi rice every time.
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Black Garlic, Peeled

Local craftsman source, ferment and age this culinary gem using ancestral practices handed down through generations learned in Japan. Fermenting quality garlic with proper care and technique brings out its many layers of flavor. Notes of dried fig, raisin and balsamic are present along with aromas of black truffle and grape must.
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Black Garlic Juice

This black garlic juice is created by fermenting the bulbs in pure sea water for 45 to 60 days. The garlic is then aged, dried and peeled before its pressed to a thin paste. The paste is then slightly reconstituted with sea water to create a very concentrated natural juice. As the flavors mature they emit balsamic-like aromas. All natural with no added ingredients or preservatives.
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Koji Rice Dried

Rice kernels are covered with a fragrant white bloom of aspergillus oryzae mold. The mold releases enzymes that ferment the rice by decomposing its carbohydrates and proteins. Make Shio Koji by combining koji rice , salt and water and allow the mixture to ferment for a couple of weeks at room temperature. Shio Koji is a thick , slightly lumpy paste that is salty and has a light miso flavor. Use Shio koji as a salt substitute, marinate meat and fish or pickle vegetables. Shio Kogi can also be used as a soy sauce substitute. Koji is one of the key ingredients used in making miso, sake, and amazake.
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Japanese Tonburi is a type of edible seed sometimes called “land caviar”, “”field caviar” or “mountain caviar”.  Tonburi is the dried seed of the Japanese Bassia Scoparia or Kochia.The characteristics of tonburi, consists of small circles that are 1 ~ 2mm in diameter, green color, and a popping texture that is just the same as those of caviar, the roe of sturgeon. Kochia, which is also called “Broom grass” in Japan. Its seeds are harvested and processed only in Akita.  Almost all Tonburi are produced in Hinai town of Odate city, a northern part of Akita. Until about 50 years ago, Tonburi was eaten only in Akita. However, thanks to the development of vacuum-packed and bottling process, Tonburi can now be eaten anywhere and anytime. From the bottle of Tonburi, a sesame-like savory smell comes out. Its popping texture is exactly that of caviar. Because of its plain taste, it fits to any cuisine.
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Umeboshi with honey

Pickled Ume Plums with honey
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Agar Agar

Discover the flavor and quality of age old Japanese Gastronomy. Japanese Agar Agar powder is made to gelify fruit or herbal juices with a very smooth texture. Agar Agar is from Carrageenan, which is extracted from red edible seaweed. Agar agar is a natural vegetable gelatin which is aprox 80 % fiber. Is has no taste or odor and is semi-translucent. It sets more firmly than gelatin and is able to set at room temperature. Japanese agar agar is essential in making Mizu Yokan, Anmitsu and Coffee Jelly.
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Black Garlic Molasses

A standout ingredient for the chef with a keen eye and creative mind, Black Garlic Molasses is a wonderfully complex symphony of flavors playing in perfect harmony. Nutty, savory, dried fruit, roasted garlic undertones, natural sweetness. Truly a one of kind ingredient
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Yuzu Infused Rice Bran Oil

Yuzu Infused Rice Bran Oil highlights the intense floral aroma and tart flavor qualities of fresh yuzu fruit and the soft, creamy and nutty characteristics of Rice Bran Oil. Rice Bran Oil is desired by chefs for its high smoke point of 490 degrees Fahrenheit and unique flavor and texture. When infused with a standout citrus such as Yuzu, it takes this already favored oil to a whole new level of creativity. Made with 100% naturally occurring essential oils found in the rind of the yuzu fruit which is cold pressed, centrifuged, then filtered and infused into the oil resulting in standout cooking and seasoning oil.
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Pure Yuzu Oil

100% pure naturally extracted Yuzu Oil. Aroma is of intense citrus and floral. Flavor notes of bold mandarin, tangerine, bergamot and suble pine.