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Ume Shiso Furikake

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Toasted White Sesame Seeds, Dried Shiso Leaves, Ume-Su, Sugar, Sea Salt, Toasted Black Sesame Seeds


300 gram/10.58oz x 1, 42g/1.5oz x 12 (case only)


Licorice, Nutty Sesame, Tangy, Fermented Earthy, Umami


Creamy White, Purple Red, Black Accent dashes


Shelf Stable, See Best By Date – Reseal and keep in cool place



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Yuzu Salt (Fine Snow Salt)

Yuzu salt can be described as floral, zesty, bright and exciting. The Yuzu flavor is fresh, bright and slightly tart, closely resembling that of the grapefruit, with overtones of tangerine and meyer Lemon with hints of Pine. This salt is made with what the Japanese classify as "Snow Salt". They find it to be the purest sea salt available and its fine granuals deliver flavor to each application faster and more uniformly, a wonderfully versatile texture. Yuzu salt is a stimulating sodium alternative that will elevate your menu.
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Matcha – Ceremonial Grade

Masato Tea Company, Ceremonial Grade Matcha is Premium-1st Harvest Matcha worthy of the famed Japanese Tea Ceremony. Intended to be comsummed on its own with water to appreciate the natural sweetness and nutty, earthy subtleties.
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Yukari Shiso-Meshi Cured Shiso Powder

Yakari Shiso-Meshi is cured shiso leaves and seaweed used for rice seasoning. It is made from salted and pickled purple shiso leaf that has been dried naturally in the sun. It is often utilized in furikaki blends or marinades where a bittersweet and salty flavor is desired.
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Akajiso (Shiso) Tea Cut Leaf

Japanese Akajiso Tea Cut Leaf is made with whole dried Japanese Red Shiso leaves which are hand selected and minimally handled to preserve the highest quality aroma and flavor. They then processed carefully into a tea-cut size. Unsalted & unpickled, this lively, vibrant ingredient ranges from basil to mint, with earthy, vegetal overtones and a little zip. All Natural. Pesticide Free. Dried naturally and prepared using traditional Japanese techniques.
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Koji Rice Dried

Rice kernels are covered with a fragrant white bloom of aspergillus oryzae mold. The mold releases enzymes that ferment the rice by decomposing its carbohydrates and proteins. Make Shio Koji by combining koji rice , salt and water and allow the mixture to ferment for a couple of weeks at room temperature. Shio Koji is a thick , slightly lumpy paste that is salty and has a light miso flavor. Use Shio koji as a salt substitute, marinate meat and fish or pickle vegetables. Shio Kogi can also be used as a soy sauce substitute. Koji is one of the key ingredients used in making miso, sake, and amazake.
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Ichimi Powder

Regional Japanese Hot Red Chili Pepper, naturally dried in the sun and milled into a powder. This full flavored chili is harvested at the peak of ripeness to preserve its signature bright red color from a select linage of the finest red chili peppers. This powerful chili pepper originated in Japan after Hideyoshi Toyotomi received them in 1592 as a reward for his service in the Korean Invasion.
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Aji Nori Furikake

Furikake was originally developed in Japan around 1912 by a pharmacist as a helpful solution to nutrition deficits. Then it was called Gohan No Tomo, A Friend for Rice. It was then a ground product to be sprinkled on top of cooked rice , vegetables, and fish. Over the last 100 years Furikake has been refined into the product we know today. Aji Nori Furikake is one of the most popular and basic Furikakes in Japan. Aji Nori Furikake has color , texture and a traditional taste. You get an emerald green look and a fresh sea taste from the small nori strips. A delightful crunch and nutty sesame taste from the Toasted White and Black sesame seeds. A perfect balance of sweet and savory from a dash of sea salt and sugar. Its finished off will another dash of complementary color and sea flavor from the sundried black Hijiki. Use Aji Nori Furikake as a tasty topping for a variety of dishes.
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Japanese Wagarashi (Hot) Mustard Powder

Mustard plants are very rare in Japan. Japanese mustard seeds are very high quality seeds with powerful aroma & flavors. Wagarashi has a very hot mustard taste opposed to western mustards. Japanese Hot Wagarashi mustard powder consists of only ground yellow/brown Japanese mustard seeds. Traditional hot Japanese mustard is made by only adding water to milled seed powder which yields a very straight forward spicy flavor and allows it to be used well with a variety of other ingredients across many applications.
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Japanese Akita Yellow Curry Powder

Japan has been refining the original British curry recipe since it arrived in Japan over 100 years ago. The modern Japanese culinary scene is saturated with curry stands and it is the second most consummed dish behind sushi. This regional, northern 10-spice Yellow curry style, found in the Akita Prefecture is the closest of the three yellow curries we carry to the Indian style, but is still very uniquely Japanese. It is the hottest of the yellow curries, but in general, Japanese curry is not as hot as the Indian counterparts. The base of Turmeric, Coriander and Cumin provide a vegetal aroma and a deep earthy flavor. The spice comes from black pepper, regional red chili peppers and ginger root, while the plentiful cardamom mellows with sweeteness. Fennel seed adds the licorice flavor and aroma. This refined and perfected yellow curry balances a ratio of 5 main spices with 5 trace sub spices is extremely popular in this region.
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Matcha Salt (Fine Snow Salt)

Premium green matcha from Shizuoka Prefecture picked from the first harvest is blended with one of the most acclaimed sea salts in Japan. This salt is made with what the Japanese classify as "Snow Salt". They find it to be the purest sea salt available and its fine granuals deliver flavor to each application faster and more uniformly, a wonderfully versatile texture. The complex, vegetal, sweet and slightly bitter, alluring taste of matcha makes this salt so unique. The vibrant color and delicate flavor give a sophisticated finishing touch to a broad range of dishes. Traditionally, used as dipping salt for tempura but also recommend for garnishing on sashimi, or other protiens, rice dishes, deserts or pastries.
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