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Kabosu Juice – Niban Shibori (2nd Press) 375ml

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Kabosu Juice (Second Press)


375ml/12oz x 6 (case only)


Floral, Tart, Meyer Lemon, accents of Cucumber and Melon


Pale yellow/orange with natural pulp that tends to float to the top.


Shelf Stable, See Best By Date – Refrigerate After Opening


Oita, Japan

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Yuzu Juice – Niban Shibori (2nd Press) 375ml

Packaged for the home chef in mind, Yakami Orchards Yuzu Juice - Niban Shibori is a second pressing of the fruit making this rare, prized ingredient more approachable.  Yuzu Juice is a vibrant ingredient perfect for superb Cocktails and Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Vinaigrettes, Sashimi, Ceviche, Sauces, Vegetables, Desert.  Tart flavor, closely resembling grapefruit, with undertones of tangerine and bergamot with subtle hints of Pine.  Add a splash of Yuzu Cintron to create the complexity of flavor you desire for a variety applications only bound by your imagination.
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Yuzu Juice 1.8L

Hito-Kochi Yuzu Juice is 100% natural, whole-fruit pressed, capuring the incredible aromatic florals, essential oils and unique Yuzu Flavor that can be described as Tangerine, Grapefruit, Bergamot and notes of pine. A featured ingredient in the finest resturants throughout North America, Hito-Kochi Yuzu Juice delivers the finesse and elegance for which Japanese Citrus is so desired.
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Sudachi Zest Diced, Frozen

A definite Buzz Ingredient for today’s Top Chefs and specialty food enthusiasts alike, Yakami Orchards Sudachi Zest is the type of ingredient that gets your attention. Whether worked into a civiche, pureed into a specialty margarita or candied atop a dessert, the flavor profile of the floral, tart and peppery zest is a wonderful and unique compliment to boundless applications.
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Yuzu Marmalade

A treasure among the world’s greatest marmalades, Yakami Orchards Yuzu Marmalade simply combines ripe, fresh Yuzu Fruit, Cane Sugar & Honey. The perfect breakfast condiment, add it to tea or pair it with seared fois gras. Yuzu Marmalade is a fixture compliment on the finest cheese boards. Bright, fresh and floral, Yuzu Marmalade is a versatile ingredient for the finest chefs and home cooks alike.
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Kabosu Juice – Marugoto Shibori 750ml

Desired by the worlds finest chefs and mixologists, Yakami Orchards Kabosu Juice, Marugoto Shibori (in its natural state) is a first press using the whole fruit, capturing the intense floral aroma and tart flavor qualities of Meyer Lemon with accents of Cucumber and Melon. Yakami Orchards Kabosu Juice is a rare & vibrant ingredient perfect for Cocktails and Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Vinaigrettes, Sashimi, Ceviche, Sauces, Vegetables & Deserts or whenever a splash of Fresh Kabosu Citrus will create the flavor complexity you desire in whatever creation demands the sophistication of Japanese Citrus.
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Yuzu Zest Diced, Frozen

One of the most sought after ingredients of the most ambitious Chefs, Yakami Orchards Yuzu Zest has a luxurious texture with bright and floral flavor notes of tangerine, grapefruit, bergamot with hints of pine and pith. The applications of this prized ingredient are only limited only by your creativity. Ideal for pastry chefs and creative cocktail concoctions, Yakami Orchards Yuzu Zest is a rare and treasured addition to the repertoire of the creative.   **This product is frozen and requires expedited shipping means. Flat rate applies**
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Aloe Marmalade

Truly unique & rare, Yakami Orchards Aloe Marmalade is hand crafted using Fresh Aloe Vera, Cane Sugar and Honey. Vibrant, smooth and blessed with luxurious texture; Aloe Marmalade boasts a fresh Aloe flavor profile of herbal melon and Muscat. Pair it with seared Fois Gras or refine your cheese plate, Aloe Marmalade elevates to the sublime.
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Ginger Marmalade

Ginger fans rejoice! Yakami Orchards Ginger Marmalade is a hand crafted using only the freshest Ginger Root, Cane Sugar & Honey. Spicy and fresh, Ginger Marmalade is a natural fit for many creations; From exotic cocktails to glazing meat & fish, to cheese boards and dressings. Limited only by your imagination, Yakami Orchards Ginger Marmalade is a great addition to any chefs arsenal.
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Yuzu Powder Fine

Yuzu Fruit Powder is naturally dried, utilizing 100% of the Yuzu fruit (pulp and zest), resulting in incredible aromatics and full Yuzu flavor. This is not a spray-dried product and it does not contain any maltodextrin or other fillers, Yuzu Fruit Powder is the end result of a totally natural process of drying Yuzu Fruit and milling it into a fine powder. Wonderful floral notes are present and the flavor profile is slightly tart, closely resembling that of the grapefruit, with overtones of tangerine and bergamot with subtle hints of pine.
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Preserved Yuzu

Citron confit, preserved in the classic Moroccan style using only Yuzu Fruit, Yuzu Juice, Sugar & Salt.
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