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Japanese Akita Yellow Curry Powder

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Turmeric, Coriander, Cumin, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Japanese Red Pepper, Fennel, Ginger, Cloves & other spices


300g/10.58oz x 1


Herbal, Vegetal Aroma, Red Pepper, Earthy, Slightly Aged Flavor; Spicy, Subtle Sweetness


Yellow, Brown


Shelf Stable, See Best By Date – Reseal and keep in cool place



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Katsuobushi Salt (Fine Snow Salt)

Katsuobushi Salt is a umami and sodium rich flavor bomb. Often used as a MSG alternative due its incredible natural flavor enhancement qualities. Rich in amino acids and natural enzymes. This salt is made with what the Japanese classify as "Snow Salt". They find it to be the purest sea salt available and its fine granuals deliver flavor to each application faster and more uniformly, a wonderfully versatile texture. Simply rub on protiens and vegetables prior to grilling or sprinkle over rice dishes.
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Yukari Shiso-Meshi Cured Shiso Powder

Yakari Shiso-Meshi is cured shiso leaves and seaweed used for rice seasoning. It is made from salted and pickled purple shiso leaf that has been dried naturally in the sun. It is often utilized in furikaki blends or marinades where a bittersweet and salty flavor is desired.
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Yuzu Shichimi Togarashi

Yuzu Shichimi Togarashi is a fundamental 7-spice blend with tremendous history and importance throughout Japanese cuisine and represents the history and cultural refinement of this great cuisine. Shichimi Togarashi is a 7 spice blend developed in Edo (Modern Day Tokyo), Japan in 1625. The ingredients were first introduced to the Japanese by Portuguese missionaries around 1605. Over the past 400 years, these spice cultivators and craftsman have been able to refine farming practices and proprietary blending ratios that would make their ancestors proud. The seven prized ingredients that make up Shichimi Togarashi are Bansho Chili Pepper, Yuzu Fruit, Goma Toasted Black Sesame, Otane Hemp Seed, Shiso Japanese Basil, Sansho Chili Pepper and Byakukyo Japanese Ginger. The aroma is highlighted by the warmth given off by the chilies and the bright,floral essence of the yuzu. The clean spicy flavors of the dried peppers standout, but are balanced with toasted black sesame, hemp seed and herbal characteristics of the dried shiso. The ginger is also a welcomed addition to this blend and offer a different type of spiciness, acidity and subtle sweetness. This blend is a pillar of this revered cuisine.
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Aka (Red) Country Miso Powder

Like many traditional Japanese ingredients, Miso was developed out of preservation necessity. Aka Country Miso Powder is a dried and milled representation of the traditional country miso made from whole soybeans, salt and rice koji. It yields the classic miso flavor you are expecting, only in a highly-versatile powdered form. Aka Country Miso Powder is a dark redish brown in color and has a rich and savory flavor. Deeply fragrant, its color comes from longer aging. Aging time is 5 to 6 months.
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Wasabi Salt (Fine Snow Salt)

Wasabi Salt is an ultra premium garnishing and general sodium alternative with incredible 100% Hon Wasabi flavor. This salt is made with what the Japanese classify as "Snow Salt". They find it to be the purest sea salt available and its fine granuals deliver flavor to each application faster and more uniformly, a wonderfully versatile texture. This incredible salt delivers the spicy and aromatic qualities of 100% Hon Wasabi Root that can be conveniently dusted on proteins, vegetables, rice dishes or tempura. The versatility and flavor of this premium salt is unmatched.
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Nama Shio Koji

Shio Koji is a traditional Japanese condiment composed of fermented rice, salt and water. The wonderful fermented rice flavor, similar to sake, imparts a lot of flavor when marinading proteins and vegetables as well as a flavorful salt replacement. Shio Koji is gaining traction in the North American food scene and is likely one the next big buzz ingredients imported from Japan.
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Ichimi Powder

Regional Japanese Hot Red Chili Pepper, naturally dried in the sun and milled into a powder. This full flavored chili is harvested at the peak of ripeness to preserve its signature bright red color from a select linage of the finest red chili peppers. This powerful chili pepper originated in Japan after Hideyoshi Toyotomi received them in 1592 as a reward for his service in the Korean Invasion.
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Karashi Yoogarashi (Mild) Mustard Powder

Mustard plants are very rare in Japan. Japanese mustard seeds are very high quality seeds with powerful aroma & flavors. Yoogarashi has a milder mustard taste similar to western mustards. Karashi Yoogarashi mustard powder is made from ground yellow & white Japanese mustard seeds and has a more subdued and elegant flavor. Traditional mild Japanese mustard is made by only adding water to milled seed powder which yields a simple mustard flavor and allows it to be used well with a variety of other ingredients across many applications.
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Akajiso (Shiso) Tea Cut Leaf

Japanese Akajiso Tea Cut Leaf is made with whole dried Japanese Red Shiso leaves which are hand selected and minimally handled to preserve the highest quality aroma and flavor. They then processed carefully into a tea-cut size. Unsalted & unpickled, this lively, vibrant ingredient ranges from basil to mint, with earthy, vegetal overtones and a little zip. All Natural. Pesticide Free. Dried naturally and prepared using traditional Japanese techniques.
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Matcha – Culinary Grade

Masato Tea Company, Culinary Grade Matcha is the 2nd Harvest which is ideal for a multitude of culinary creations. It possesses a bolder flavor profile and is slightly bitter which makes it ideal for smoothies, cocktails or deserts.
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