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Ginger Marmalade

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Ginger Root, Cane Sugar, Honey


580g/20.45oz x 1, 300g/10.58oz x 12 (case only)


Spunky, fresh and spicy, complimented by sweetness of cane sugar and honey


Dark Gold with pieces of ginger root and slight crystallization


Shelf Stable, See Best By Date – Refrigerate After Opening



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Preserved Yuzu

Citron confit, preserved in the classic Moroccan style using only Yuzu Fruit, Yuzu Juice, Sugar & Salt.
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Yuzu Juice 1.8L

Hito-Kochi Yuzu Juice is 100% natural, whole-fruit pressed, capturing the incredible aromatic florals, essential oils and unique Yuzu Flavor that can be described as Tangerine, Grapefruit, Bergamot and notes of pine. A featured ingredient in the finest restaurants throughout North America, Hito-Kochi Yuzu Juice delivers the finesse and elegance for which Japanese Citrus is so desired.   ***Note***  This item cannot be shipped via ground and must be shipped via freight on a pallet - Special rates apply
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Yuzu Marmalade

A treasure among the world’s greatest marmalades, Yakami Orchards Yuzu Marmalade simply combines ripe, fresh Yuzu Fruit, Cane Sugar & Honey. The perfect breakfast condiment, add it to tea or pair it with seared fois gras. Yuzu Marmalade is a fixture compliment on the finest cheese boards. Bright, fresh and floral, Yuzu Marmalade is a versatile ingredient for the finest chefs and home cooks alike.
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Black Garlic Juice

This black garlic juice is created by fermenting the bulbs in pure sea water for 45 to 60 days. The garlic is then aged, dried and peeled before its pressed to a thin paste. The paste is then slightly reconstituted with sea water to create a very concentrated natural juice. As the flavors mature they emit balsamic-like aromas. All natural with no added ingredients or preservatives.
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Yuzu Puree Frozen

Coveted by worlds top chefs and mixologists, PacRim Yuzu Puree is a classic French puree crafted with only Fresh Yuzu Fruit, Yuzu Zest and 10% Cane Sugar. Bright, Floral and Delicate with a nice balance of tart & mild sweetness, Yuzu Puree is limited only by your creativity. Ideal for pastry chefs and creative cocktail concoctions, PacRim Yuzu Puree is a rare and treasured addition to the repertoire of the creative.   ***Special shipping rate applies for this product.  It is frozen and must be shipped via expedited means with dry ice.  Special rate applies***
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Yuzu Powder Fine

Yuzu Fruit Powder is naturally dried, utilizing 100% of the Yuzu fruit (pulp and zest), resulting in incredible aromatics and full Yuzu flavor. This is not a spray-dried product and it does not contain any maltodextrin or other fillers, Yuzu Fruit Powder is the end result of a totally natural process of drying Yuzu Fruit and milling it into a fine powder. Wonderful floral notes are present and the flavor profile is slightly tart, closely resembling that of the grapefruit, with overtones of tangerine and bergamot with subtle hints of pine.
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Black Garlic Molasses

A standout ingredient for the chef with a keen eye and creative mind, Black Garlic Molasses is a wonderfully complex symphony of flavors playing in perfect harmony. Nutty, savory, dried fruit, roasted garlic undertones, natural sweetness. Truly a one of kind ingredient
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Yuzu Kosho – 2oz

A classic table condiment found throughout Japan, Yakami Orchards Yuzu Kosho has become a secret ingredient of North America's Top Chef's. Fresh Yuzu Zest is combined with fresh chilies, sea salt and konbu seaweed to create a bright, spicy flavor profile with a subtle umami finish. Incredible as a rub on meat & poultry, a wonderful condiment with sushi, add a dab to marinades, salad dressings, soups or eggs, or even toss with pasta. A must try for any Japanese cuisine enthusiast.
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Sudachi Zest Diced, Frozen

A definite Buzz Ingredient for today’s Top Chefs and specialty food enthusiasts alike, Yakami Orchards Sudachi Zest is the type of ingredient that gets your attention. Whether worked into a civiche, pureed into a specialty margarita or candied atop a dessert, the flavor profile of the floral, tart and peppery zest is a wonderful and unique compliment to boundless applications.
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