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Black Garlic Whole

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100% Organic California Garlic


500g/1.1lb x 1


Flavor notes of dried fig, raisin, balsamic with subtle garlic undertones


Dark Raisin


Shelf Stable


California, USA

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Kuki Goma Rayu Hot Chili Sesame Oil

Kuki Goma Rayu is a spicy chili oil made using 100% Kuki Junsei Sesame oil. Premium roasted sesame oil with red hot chili infusion. This highly aromatic sesame oil is extracted carefully from select natural ingredients.
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Koji Rice Dried

Rice kernels are covered with a fragrant white bloom of aspergillus oryzae mold. The mold releases enzymes that ferment the rice by decomposing its carbohydrates and proteins. Make Shio Koji by combining koji rice , salt and water and allow the mixture to ferment for a couple of weeks at room temperature. Shio Koji is a thick , slightly lumpy paste that is salty and has a light miso flavor. Use Shio koji as a salt substitute, marinate meat and fish or pickle vegetables. Shio Kogi can also be used as a soy sauce substitute. Koji is one of the key ingredients used in making miso, sake, and amazake.
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Yuzu Infused Rice Bran Oil

Yuzu Infused Rice Bran Oil highlights the intense floral aroma and tart flavor qualities of fresh yuzu fruit and the soft, creamy and nutty characteristics of Rice Bran Oil. Rice Bran Oil is desired by chefs for its high smoke point of 490 degrees Fahrenheit and unique flavor and texture. When infused with a standout citrus such as Yuzu, it takes this already favored oil to a whole new level of creativity. Made with 100% naturally occurring essential oils found in the rind of the yuzu fruit which is cold pressed, centrifuged, then filtered and infused into the oil resulting in standout cooking and seasoning oil.
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Iwashi Whisky Barrel Aged Fish Sauce

Delicate, subtle and refined, a fundamental Ingredient of Japanese cuisine. Haku Iwashi Whisky Barrel Aged Fish Sauce is Master crafted following ancestral methods dating back to the edo period, 400 years ago. Using only the Iwashi sardine from the Sea of Japan which is much bigger and fattier than its Mediterranean counterparts. Japanese Iwashi fish sauce is first aged 2 years. Quintessentially the perfect finishing sauce.
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Ginger Marmalade

Ginger fans rejoice! Yakami Orchards Ginger Marmalade is a hand crafted using only the freshest Ginger Root, Cane Sugar & Honey. Spicy and fresh, Ginger Marmalade is a natural fit for many creations; From exotic cocktails to glazing meat & fish, to cheese boards and dressings. Limited only by your imagination, Yakami Orchards Ginger Marmalade is a great addition to any chefs arsenal.
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Pickled Young White Ginger (Shin Shoga No Amazu-Zuke)

Shin shoga no amazu-zuke is Japanese for young white pickled sushi ginger. In late summer Shin Shoga (young fresh ginger root) is harvested in order to make Amzu no Zuke. Young ginger is preferred for garni because of its tender flesh and natural sweetness. This young fresh ginger root is peeled and thinly sliced across the grain with a razor-sharp knife or mandolin. The sliced ginger is tossed in salt to preserve white color. The salted ginger slices are pressed with a cloth to wick out any lingering liquid. Rice vinegar is mixed with sugar and is heated to a boil. This hot mixture is then poured over the salted ginger slices. The vinegared ginger slices are allowed to cool naturally and cured for several months. Amazu no Zuke is a most popular type of tsukemono (pickled vegetable) . Its is served with sushi or sashimi and eaten between different kinds of sushi. Amazu no Zuke is a classic Japanese condiment served with rice bowls or a palate cleanser with seafood dishes. Amazu no Zuke helps enhance the flavors of your meal.
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Umeboshi with honey

Pickled Ume Plums with honey
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Yoshina Hon Kuzu

Hon Kuzu is a starch originating from the Arrow Root and is the highest grade starch used in the Japanese kitchen. Yoshina Hon Kuzu produces the clearer appearance and smoother texture along with superior binding capability compared to other quality starches.
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Black Garlic Juice

This black garlic juice is created by fermenting the bulbs in pure sea water for 45 to 60 days. The garlic is then aged, dried and peeled before its pressed to a thin paste. The paste is then slightly reconstituted with sea water to create a very concentrated natural juice. As the flavors mature they emit balsamic-like aromas. All natural with no added ingredients or preservatives.
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Japanese Sanonto Sugar

Japanese Sanonto Sugar is a highly prized sugar desired by Top Chefs in the know. It is a light brown sugar ideal for cooking as it does not contain the minerals most dark sugars have. It is made by carmalizing pure white Japanese Johakuto sugar cane. Sanonto sugar is most well know as the key ingredient in Hon-Gaishi, the base for Mentsuyu, a staple dipping sauce for a variety of noodles.