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Black Garlic, Peeled

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100% Organic California Garlic




Aromas of black truffle and grape must. Flavor notes of dried fig, raisin and balsamic. Very subtle garlic undertones remain


Dark Raisin


Shelf Stable, See Best By Date


California, USA



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Umeboshi with honey

Pickled Ume Plums with honey
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Iri Genmai (Roasted Brown Rice) 5lb

Roasted rice is called Genmai in Japan. Genmai is the word for 'Brown Rice' in Japan. Ironically most roasted rice in Japan is made with Mochi-Gome (a white rice) rice. Mochi-gome is a Japanese sweet rice that is short grain that is composed of almost 100% amylopectin. When mochi-gome is cooked it becomes very moist and sticky. This moisture is required to puff the rice when roasting. Genmai made with Mochi-gome rice is the highest quality Genmai. The roasted rice has a noticeable fragrant aroma. When Genmai is mixed with green tea it becomes Genmaicha.
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Pickled Pink Ginger (Amazu Shoga)

Amazu Shoga is Japanese for pink pickled sushi ginger. In early summer Shin Shoga (young fresh ginger root) is harvested in order to make Amazu Shoga. Young ginger is preferred for garni because of its tender flesh and natural sweetness. This young fresh ginger root is peeled and thinly sliced across the grain with a razor-sharp knife or mandolin. The sliced ginger is tossed in salt to preserve pink color. The salted ginger slices are pressed with a cloth to wick out any lingering liquid. Rice vinegar is mixed with sugar and is heated to a boil. This hot mixture is then poured over the salted ginger slices. The vinegared ginger slices are allowed to cool naturally and cured for several months. Amazu Shoga is a most popular type of tsukemono (pickled vegetable) . Its is served with sushi or sashimi and eaten between different kinds of sushi. Amazu Shoga is a classic Japanese condiment served with rice bowls or a palate cleanser with seafood dishes. Amazu Shoga helps enhance the flavors of your meal.
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Salted Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)

Every spring the celebrated cherry blossoms fall into nets and are quickly gathered, cured in umesu (umeboshi vinegar) and salted to preserve
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Hajikami is salted and pickled young ginger stalks which sprout up from the ginger root. Pickled in Rice Vinegar, Shiso Leaves and Salt
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Japanese Sanonto Sugar

Japanese Sanonto Sugar is a highly prized sugar desired by Top Chefs in the know. It is a light brown sugar ideal for cooking as it does not contain the minerals most dark sugars have. It is made by carmalizing pure white Japanese Johakuto sugar cane. Sanonto sugar is most well know as the key ingredient in Hon-Gaishi, the base for Mentsuyu, a staple dipping sauce for a variety of noodles.
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Yoshina Hon Kuzu

Hon Kuzu is a starch originating from the Arrow Root and is the highest grade starch used in the Japanese kitchen. Yoshina Hon Kuzu produces the clearer appearance and smoother texture along with superior binding capability compared to other quality starches.
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Japanese Tonburi is a type of edible seed sometimes called “land caviar”, “”field caviar” or “mountain caviar”.  Tonburi is the dried seed of the Japanese Bassia Scoparia or Kochia.The characteristics of tonburi, consists of small circles that are 1 ~ 2mm in diameter, green color, and a popping texture that is just the same as those of caviar, the roe of sturgeon. Kochia, which is also called “Broom grass” in Japan. Its seeds are harvested and processed only in Akita.  Almost all Tonburi are produced in Hinai town of Odate city, a northern part of Akita. Until about 50 years ago, Tonburi was eaten only in Akita. However, thanks to the development of vacuum-packed and bottling process, Tonburi can now be eaten anywhere and anytime. From the bottle of Tonburi, a sesame-like savory smell comes out. Its popping texture is exactly that of caviar. Because of its plain taste, it fits to any cuisine.
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Black Garlic, Paste

Local craftsman source, ferment and age this culinary gem using ancestral practices handed down through generations learned in Japan. Fermenting quality garlic with proper care and technique brings out its many layers of flavor. Notes of dried fig, raisin and balsamic are present along with aromas of black truffle and grape must.
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Pure Yuzu Oil

100% pure naturally extracted Yuzu Oil. Aroma is of intense citrus and floral. Flavor notes of bold mandarin, tangerine, bergamot and suble pine.